The newest LED 2017!

The new products research and the development are SUNLUX’s core priority. We are happy to introduce you the newest LED 2017. The objectives are like always, to design original, powerful and energy-efficient technology. Some products with exceptional performance and lifetime for commercial lighting, industrial, logistic and tertiary building. SUNLUX is also a lighting custom fabrication and its know-how over more than 30 years in technical lighting (hospital, prison or airport). All this products present on this brochure are made in Europe and for almost (EFFY, CORY, NET LENS, GYMS LENS TRIO, BILENS, TE LENS, NET FIRST LEDIZ, STRATUS, DX-LED) in Auvergne! Privileged the technology made in France, especially when they distinguish for performance and durability from the importation products.

You can discover it here:

Led 2017-web (2)

Please feel free to contact us if you want technical documentation!

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