- Class1 • IK07 • IP20 • 650°C • Ra80

Surface mounted LED line lighting system

Self supporting profile for continuous row
installation of LED modules
High efficiency led, up to 168 lm/W.
Symmetrical, asymmetric, double asymmetric, extensive or intensive optics
Pre-wiring 5×2.5 mm² with fast-fit connector
Sliding suspension stirrup
Linking plate for tool-free mechanical
Average system life expectancy: 100 000 h
80 % of the lumen output maintained at
60,000 h (L80-B10) / Ta = 25°C
Binning: 3 SDCM
Integrated multi-powers electronic control gear
230 V – 50 Hz power supply

Option(s) :

  • DALI dimmable electronic control gear
  • Color temperature: 5000K or 6500K
  • Square mesh mounting
Reference Power (W) Colour T° LxByCz Lm output Optic L (mm)
NET LENS MONO 3390 SYM 30-840-G2-HE 92 4000K L80 B10 14000 lm SYM /ASYM /DASYM /EXT /INT 3390
NET LENS MONO 3390 SYM 30-840-G2-HO 134 4000K L80 B10 19200 lm SYM /ASYM /DASYM /EXT /INT 3390
NET LENS MONO 3390 SYM 30-830-G2-HE 92 3000K L80 B10 13400 lm SYM /ASYM /DASYM /EXT /INT 3390
NET LENS MONO 3390 SYM 30-830-G2-HO 134 3000K L80 B10 18200 lm SYM /ASYM /DASYM /EXT /INT 3390